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Goals & the Secret

Has anyone told you about the secret?  You know, the secret where you write your goals down and visualize them coming true and one day voila! Your dream has come true!

its magic

Haha!  I don’t buy it!  I am of the belief that you make your life what you want it to be.  No one, God, energy or universe is going to make your life better.  This idea may offend some of you.  Now, I’m not saying God or universe energy or whatever it is that you believe in, doesn’t exist.  I’m saying that the aforementioned entity gave you life, so you should do your best with yours.

Here is how the secret really works:

  1. You write down your goal(s)
  2. You visualize your goal(s) coming true
  3. You think about your goal(s) so damn much, that you get off of your ass and do something about it
  4. You achieve your goals, through hard work and dedication.
Everything else is just chance or luck.
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new workout

So, keeping track of all of the 6 week programs, which week, which column for each challenge… that was way too difficult for this lazy jammer. I’ve decided to stick to just the push up challenge. I restarted and am finishing up week 1. woo hoo!
But, I really want try a new workout: cross fit. I’m trying to figure a way for a broke ass grad student to afford it. we’ll see & I’ll keep you updated (better, i swear)

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Sits, dips & derby

Hello world!  Today I stayed on track with our workout regime!

Dips Challenge: 12,14,10,10,18(max)
Situp Challenge: 32,38,32,32,75(max)
I also biked to and from the office and had derby practice 🙂

So, keep up the good work you strong women!  And keep up being a good role model for girls like this:

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Between bouting, travel, and visitors I totally stumbled in my workouts 😦  Don’t worry!  Whenever you find yourself off track, just jump back on! Restarting week 4 of my challenges today!  I will be travelling this weekend too, but its cool, what else do you have to do in an airport than some pushups and squats?

Today I restarted w/ Squats and Pushups on week 4 day 1:

Squats: 29,34,29,29,75

Push Ups: 12,14,11,10,16 (finished the goal maximum this week!)

Here’s some hero worship & motivation: 

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Dips, Situps & Derby

oh man… Today I waited until late to do my exercise.  I was going to start challenge day 1 for dips & situps before practice… instead I ate too much and needed to digest.  Before I left for practice, my legs felt all twitchy from not exercising.  I hate that feeling.

Practice was a little intense… Our drill was let our best blockers beat up our best jammers. Then scrimmage, with a minimum of jamming every other jam.  I finished with a quick wall of pain where we did these:

Don’t worry, I came home and started my challenges!

I did dips first: 8,8,5,5,10

then situps: 21,27,21,21,30

With 30s rest between each set.  The situps were harder than expected after the  pushup challenge yesterday, and the plank workout at practice.  Maybe it will be possible for me to get some abs 🙂

Post your workouts too please!  See y’all tomorrow!

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Push up and Squats: Day 1

Today I started the 200 squat challenge, and 100 push up challenge.  Thankfully, I started at Open Skate at the Multi Activity Center and PS I Shove You and MelAdapted Misfit were there to suffer with me.  We started w/ Squats.  It was CAKE!  We cut our down time in half and it still seemed like a ton of extra time.

This was not the case when we moved on to our push ups.  Neither of my leaguemates there had completed the initial test.  So, they just tried their best to go with me.  Remember, I had done 25 pushups (to exhaustion) and put myself in the week 3, column 2 workout bracket.  Apparently, that is not the place for me.  I could not complete the sets assigned :(.  However, I did do each set until I could no longer lock my elbows.  Man, do I feel lame.  Oh well.  You can’t kick ass at everything.  I will continue my 100 push up challenge from week 3 column 1 and see what happens.  Hopefully, I can continue.

Tomorrow starts the situp/dip challenge days!  I never did complete my dip challenge.  I’ll assume I can do 10 for a starting position and will change accordingly tomorrow 🙂

Thanks for following along!

❤ Viva Violence!

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